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Digital Transformation and the SAP Cloud

Digital Transformation and the SAP Cloud 

Enabled through cheaper hardware costs and a quicker acceptance of new technologies, the Digital Transformation has an increasingly strong impact on our society in the recent years.

Digital Transformation

Predictive Prevention in HR Management

In the manufacturing sector, it takes a great deal of time and effort to reduce or completely avoid the risks associated with machine breakdowns and the potential resulting costs. This approach, known as ...

Predictive Prevention

Triggering a Business Process on SAP using the SAP IoT Service

Digital Transformation proceeding it is getting even more important for companies to intertwine their value chains and increase the efficiency of their processes. A huge potential is ...

Triggering a Business Process

XEPTUM IoT Showcase

The IoT Showcase is an internal Internet of Things (IoT) project being carried out at XEPTUM Consulting AG that aims to network the company’s own conference room intelligently using different sources of data.

The Connected Conference Room


SAP Credit Management: Are You Making Use of the Standard?

SAP Credit Management: Are You Making Use of the Standard?

Credit management helps companies to identify the risk of bad debts among their business partners at an early stage and to make efficient, practically automated credit decisions. An old ...

SAP Credit Management

Managing Cloud-Centric Landscapes with SAP Cloud ALM

Any time the cloud is the focus of attention, the question of how to manage cloud systems also arises. While the strategic decision to use the cloud is made relatively from on-premise to the cloud ...


From Producers to Software Distributors

Manufacturers of products of all kinds, such as hardware for example, need to make the transformation to service provider if they want to achieve lasting success. Customers are increasingly demanding complete ...


Automated and Digitized Accounts Receivable Process in SAP S/4HANA (Cloud)

The automated and integrated accounts receivable process supports order-to-cash workflows in SAP S/4HANA (Cloud) while providing real-time insights into the accounts ...

Intelligent Receivables Processing


Innovation Circle

Innovation Circle

With all the changes and requirements resulting from Industry 4.0 and digitalization, it is important to keep up to speed with innovations from a functional and strategic perspective. The objective of the Innovation Circle is to ...

Innovation Circle

High-percentage Investment in the Future 

In addition to our winemaking with the Weinsberg State Winery, we now also have our own whisky, which has been casked in two private casks at St. Kilian Distillers in Rüdenau. St. Kilian Distillers is a ...


All Systems Go for Mission 42!

42 Heilbronn, the renowned school of programming, offers future IT professionals the perfect environment for the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and initial practical experience ...

Mission 42

Born to Code

Born to Code – this is the motto of the students at the renowned school of programming 42 Heilbronn and a goal they pursue with great enthusiasm. The venue is a freshly renovated historic machine factory located in the center of ...