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Does science drive information technology or does IT drive research? Form your own opinion: Let yourself be driven by studies, theses, ideas or become a visionary yourself and drive.


Look, imitate, experience - benefit from the latest experiences and developments in information technology. In the "Experience" newsroom, we make experiences tangible and learnable for you.


XEPTUM - Quality by knowledge: Take a look behind the logo and the slogan. Get to know the people, the spirit and the atmosphere at XEPTUM. What drives them? What makes them tick when nobody is watching? It will be exciting ... 



Digital Transformation and the SAP Cloud

Digital Transformation and the SAP Cloud 

Enabled through cheaper hardware costs and a quicker acceptance of new technologies, the Digital Transformation has an increasingly strong impact on our society in the recent years.

Digital Transformation

Predictive Prevention in HR Management

In the manufacturing sector, it takes a great deal of time and effort to reduce or completely avoid the risks associated with machine breakdowns and the potential resulting costs. This approach, known as ...

Predictive Prevention

Triggering a Business Process on SAP using the SAP IoT Service

Digital Transformation proceeding it is getting even more important for companies to intertwine their value chains and increase the efficiency of their processes. A huge potential is ...

Triggering a Business Process

XEPTUM IoT Showcase

The IoT Showcase is an internal Internet of Things (IoT) project being carried out at XEPTUM Consulting AG that aims to network the company’s own conference room intelligently using different sources of data.

The Connected Conference Room


SAP goes Cloud

SAP goes Cloud

SAP continues to consistently rely on the cloud and, with the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), offers a future-oriented cloud innovation center for creating, integrating and managing applications.


Service Procurement Made Easy 

Lean Service Procurement is an innovative process in SAP S/4HANA Sourcing & Procurement (S&P) to simplify service procurement. It gives purchasers complete transparency and cost control.

Lean Service Procurement

Advanced Availability Check (aATP) in SAP S/4HANA

Supply bottlenecks are increasingly affecting the manufacturing industry. With SAP S/4HANA Advanced Available-to-Promise (aATP), companies can continue to be reliable suppliers for their customers ...

Advanced Availability Check (aATP)

From Producer to Software Distributor

Increasing Market Pressure and Growing Customer Demands Are Making Servitization a Megatrend. More and More Companies Are Evolving from Producers to Total Solution Providers. Probably ...



Innovation Circle

Innovation Circle

With all the changes and requirements resulting from Industry 4.0 and digitalization, it is important to keep up to speed with innovations from a functional and strategic perspective. The objective of the Innovation Circle is to ...

Innovation Circle


Rigid structures and an inflexible IT infrastructure with no platform for digitalizing processes. Sound familiar? The XEPTUM Group has also faced these challenges. In response, over the past two years, XEPTUM has made significant ...

Faster and More Flexible

Future Office

Since the groundbreaking ceremony on September 30, 2020, a big change is already visible on the construction site in Heinz-Nixdorf-Straße in Neckarsulm.

Future Office

20 Years XEPTUM

Exactly 20 years ago on October 18, 1999 the notary appointment for the foundation of XEPTUM Consulting AG took place ...

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