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Does science drive information technology or does IT drive research? Form your own opinion: Let yourself be driven by studies, theses, ideas or become a visionary yourself and drive.


Look, imitate, experience - benefit from the latest experiences and developments in information technology. In the "Experience" newsroom, we make experiences tangible and learnable for you.


XEPTUM - Quality by knowledge: Take a look behind the logo and the slogan. Get to know the people, the spirit and the atmosphere at XEPTUM. What drives them? What makes them tick when nobody is watching? It will be exciting ... 


Künstliche Intelligenz in SAP-Umgebungen



Technological breakthroughs have recently given artificial intelligence (AI) a considerable boost and sparked interest among many SAP customers. AI offers enormous potential for automation and ..

Artificial Intelligence

Unity Despite Diversity       

Heterogeneous system landscapes make data management a mammoth task in many companies. Now more than ever before, it is extremely difficult to have all the information you need in the right place ..

SAP Datasphere

Cloud-Based ALM

In the world of SAP, there is a growing trend towards hybrid system landscapes, with more and more users preferring a mix of On-Premise and Cloud. No customer can afford to ignore SAP Cloud ALM ...


Use of AI Made Easy

Even though artificial intelligence (AI) is a key technology for the future of business, the vast majority of companies in Germany are still lagging behind and unsure of its practical ...



Stock Room Management: The WM Solution in S/4HANA

Stock Room Management: The WM Solution in S/4HANA

Stock Room Management facilitates the seamless transition of WM warehouse processes to SAP S/4HANA without conducting an extensive migration to EWM. Customers who want to continue using their WM ...

WM Solution

SAP Cloud ALM: Transformation Suite

At present, almost every company is facing mounting challenges as a result of ongoing digitalization. SAP Cloud ALM provides you with an opportunity to manage this growing complexity through its open approach ...

Transformation Suite

Ensure Your Company's Success with EAM

At present, almost every company is facing mounting challenges as a result of ongoing digitalization. However, the resultant growing complexity becomes manageable when you adopt a holistic EAM approach ...


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Hager Group Success Story       

Whenever a company migrates to SAP S/4HANA, test management presents numerous challenges and pitfalls. Thanks to SAP Solution Manager and competent support from XEPTUM, Hager Group mastered this ...

Success Story


Cloud ALM – News for the GxP Environment

Cloud ALM – News for the GxP Environment

A roadmap outlining the planned implementation of requirements for the pharmaceutical and medical industry was presented at the recent SAP ALM Summit 2023. XEPTUM played an important role in ...

ALM Summit

XEPTUM SAP Logistics Solution Team

When it comes to purchasing, transportation management, putaway, purchase order handling, supplier management, sales, shipping or manufacturing, our qualified SAP Logistics team can help you to design, implement ...

SAP Logistics Solution Team


Rigid structures and an inflexible IT infrastructure with no platform for digitalizing processes. Sound familiar? The XEPTUM Group has also faced these challenges. In response, over the past two years, XEPTUM has made significant ...

Faster and More Flexible

Future Office

Since the groundbreaking ceremony on September 30, 2020, a big change is already visible on the construction site in Heinz-Nixdorf-Straße in Neckarsulm.

Future Office