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Does science drive information technology or does IT drive research? Form your own opinion: Let yourself be driven by studies, theses, ideas or become a visionary yourself and drive.


Look, imitate, experience - benefit from the latest experiences and developments in information technology. In the "Experience" newsroom, we make experiences tangible and learnable for you.


XEPTUM - Quality by knowledge: Take a look behind the logo and the slogan. Get to know the people, the spirit and the atmosphere at XEPTUM. What drives them? What makes them tick when nobody is watching? It will be exciting ... 



Innovative Test Management

Innovative Test Management

Effective test management is known to accelerate company success and therefore also plays an important role in SAP Cloud ALM – a new solution for Application Lifecycle Management. XEPTUM goes one ...


Artificial Intelligence Solutions for SAP Cloud ALM

SAP Cloud ALM, the pioneering ALM tool, is becoming more and more popular within the dynamic world of business development. The emerging use of this innovative tool not only signals the need for ...

Cloud ALM

Künstliche Intelligenz in SAP-Umgebungen

Technological breakthroughs have recently given artificial intelligence (AI) a considerable boost and sparked interest among many SAP customers. AI offers enormous potential for automation and ..

Artificial Intelligence

Unity Despite Diversity       

Heterogeneous system landscapes make data management a mammoth task in many companies. Now more than ever before, it is extremely difficult to have all the information you need in the right place ..

SAP Datasphere


SAP Central Business Configuration

SAP Central Business Configuration

Since September 2022, the SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud has been provided to new customers as a 3-system landscape. A direct migration from the 2-system landscape …


Integrated Software Management in SAP S/4HANA

Manufacturers of products of all kinds, including hardware, need to make the transformation to service provider if they want to achieve lasting success. Customers are increasingly demanding complete ...

Software Management

EU Directive Obliges Companies to Report their CO2 Emissions

The time has come: From 2024, the EU's new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) will tighten sustainability reporting obligations. Companies must therefore be able to ...


SAP S/4HANA Migration

Many SAP customers on the verge of migrating to S/4HANA are asking themselves the following question: What will happen to our custom developments? Our advice: In any case, it is worth investing in clean core. Your own ...

Clean Core


SAP ALM Transformation – Outlook from the DSAG Theme Days

SAP ALM Transformation – Outlook from the DSAG Theme Days

After the obligatory disclaimer, SAP presents its strategy and target vision for comprehensive SAP Application Lifecycle Management at the DSAG Theme Days on ALM in 2024 ...

DSAG-Theme Days

Cloud ALM – News for the GxP Environment

A roadmap outlining the planned implementation of requirements for the pharmaceutical and medical industry was presented at the recent SAP ALM Summit 2023. XEPTUM played an important role in ...

ALM Summit

XEPTUM SAP Logistics Solution Team

When it comes to purchasing, transportation management, putaway, purchase order handling, supplier management, sales, shipping or manufacturing, our qualified SAP Logistics team can help you to design, implement ...

SAP Logistics Solution Team


Rigid structures and an inflexible IT infrastructure with no platform for digitalizing processes. Sound familiar? The XEPTUM Group has also faced these challenges. In response, over the past two years, XEPTUM has made significant ...

Faster and More Flexible