Project Management and Agility

Project management and agile methods are not mutually exclusive; in fact, each perfectly complements the other. As volatility increases, the ability to react and adapt is of crucial importance, including in the context of projects.

The primary goal of project management is to plan and execute a project in a structured way. The method used must be determined according to the situation.

XEPTUM also follows the ‘form follows function’ approach when implementing projects. As such, it has always and will continue to adapt proven methods to the specific project situation.

Stability and Security versus Flexibility and Agility

Our customers understandably want planning security and stability for their projects. Projects that run for a longer period of time in particular, however, will be impacted by changes resulting from new findings, changing conditions, or technical bases. These must be taken into account in the course of successful project management and be accommodated within the projects themselves. There’s no sorcery involved in this, just hard work. Thus, security and flexibility are not mutually exclusive, but part of the daily work of a project manager.

Knowledge, Competence, Action!

Using proven, established project methods and procedures is an obvious and simple step. Choosing the right method and adapting it explicitly to the project situation requires some experience.

The most important thing, however, is a consistent project management approach. Many projects get out of control because too little attention is paid to project management and too little budget is made available. From the many project reviews conducted by XEPTUM, one thing has become clear: In projects that were actively managed with sufficient project management both on the part of the customer and the consultant, the project goals were always achieved on time, on budget, and on scope. In the absence of project management, however, there were always significant shortcomings.

Resources, Planning, Controlling

The most important role of project management in IT projects is resource planning. The ability to react quickly and flexibly to changes without losing control of time and costs is the supreme discipline of XEPTUM project managers.

XEPTUM provides numerous templates and project-tested tools for planning project resources, tracking project progress, and controlling incurred costs. Maximum transparency and a regular intensive dialog with the project management or project sponsors is the gold standard for XEPTUM and guarantees customer satisfaction.

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