The Challenges facing Companies

Agile, yet Stable – Your Benefits


DevOps: Agile, yet Stable!

Is DevOps the solution to all your problems? Unfortunately not. However, it is possible to become more agile and achieve greater stability by combining DevOps with other known elements. We can show you how!

The Challenges facing Modern Companies and IT Departments

Today, user departments and customers expect modern IT companies to implement changes at ever greater speed and in ever greater quality. The challenges faced include:

  • The pressure of change
  • Ever increasing speed requirements from user departments 
  • The stability and accuracy of business-critical applications also has to be assured
  • Rigid constructs no longer reflect the spirit of the age
  • Structure, control, security, and speed are what are required

The answer lies in agility and stability!


The DevOps approach brings agile methods to IT and combines these with standard models for software development and IT operations. Following identical procedures throughout the software process permits shorter release cycles while reducing the risk of untested elements.

The DevOps approach brings agile methods to IT.


DevOps and Release Management combined within the Extended V-model

By combining DevOps with ‘traditional’ release management, agility and stability are possible even in a regulatory environment:


Agile, yet Stable – The Benefits for You

This approach allows the needs of modern companies to be catered to in the digitalization age:

  • Speed and stability
  • Agility
  • Swift generation of simple solutions
  • Effective use of resources
  • Cooperation between operations and development
  • A common goal
  • Release management
  • Stability and transparency for users
  • Functions can be provided in a straightforward, transparent manner (like Apple or Google)
  • Integrated stable solutions
  • Considering the organizational implications! – Bringing everyone on board! – Agile approaches are helpful for developers
  • Release management brings greater stability for users in terms of impact and transparency

DevOps: Agile, yet stable!

Combine with XEPTUM IT Business Management and regain control over your IT infrastructure and your future!


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