Basis of Corporate Strategy

When embarking upon digital transformation, analytical procedures and processes for a systematic internal company analysis have become crucial for success.

Paperless, digital processes have already become established in companies of all sizes. In addition to the positive effects of increasing efficiency and reducing errors, digitized processes also help to save resources, actively protecting the environment.

IT-supported business intelligence processes include the collection, evaluation, and presentation of data in electronic form.

First Steps on the Road to a successful BI Strategy Implementation

The business intelligence strategy must align with the corporate strategy. The defined BI strategy is used to generate insights and information that create added value for the company.

When implementing a BI strategy, the first steps are crucial. An important prerequisite for successful BI strategy implementation is a well structured BI team. Important aspects of this include the definition of responsibilities (system responsibility, technical responsibility, technical operation, interfaces, etc.) and early consideration of process integration.

Methodical Documentation and Testing

BI initiatives require a robust, methodical approach. These often fail because the underlying foundation is missing, which is why well-founded, thorough documentation is absolutely essential for successful BI projects:

  • Technical requirements
  • Key figure definitions
  • Technical concept
  • Concept for operation

The project and test methodology are further important methodological aspects that need to be taken into account. Examples should be included in a comprehensive test concept that includes various steps:

  • Developer test
  • Integration test
  • Acceptance test
  • Go live

Consider the Architecture from Start to Finish

The best strategy and methodology are useless if the technology ultimately fails. It is therefore vital to make sure you have a sound technological basis. To this end, architecture guidelines are developed at the very beginning of a BI initiative and the technology portfolio is closely scrutinized, ideally taking all strategic BI products into account.

It is also important to consider management and process lifecycles, BI server systems, BI database systems, and system monitoring. This ensures that the data quality remains high at all times and, consequently, that the validity of the information remains reliable.

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