SAP ALM Transformation – Outlook from the DSAG Theme Days

News from the DSAG Theme Days on SAP ALM Transformation

After the obligatory disclaimer, SAP presents its strategy and target vision for comprehensive SAP Application Lifecycle Management at the DSAG Theme Days on ALM in 2024.

What Is Fundamentally New?

The target vision presented by SAP defines Application Lifecycle Management much more broadly in terms of the tools used. The central elements of ALM are therefore not only SAP Cloud ALM but also its (future) integration with SAP Signavio and LeanIX as SAP's Enterprise Architecture Management tool.

Does This Strategy Make Sense?

In the long term, a broader vision combined with the above enhancements is a very sensible roadmap. Each of the tools provided offers an optimum range of functions. In addition, the monolithic approach of SAP Solution Manager is being abandoned (along the same lines of the previous strategy of transferring E2E processes to multiple tools) and a cloud-based multi-tool approach is being pursued instead.

What Is Available to Use Now?

Deutsche Bahn's experience report, which was presented at the DSAG Theme Day, clearly shows that the three systems are not integrated yet, and that the processes and data models are yet to be adapted across the board. SAP also made it clear that there is still a long way to go in terms of achieving their ONE approach.

What Can We Take From This?

A major project takes time. However, the plan to broaden the scope of Application Lifecycle Management and combine the EAM functions of LeanIX and the process management capabilities of SAP Signavio with SAP Cloud ALM (CALM) seems a valid approach to us. The future will reveal how quickly SAP can integrate the three cloud systems. However, customers will only invest in these presumably high costs if the data and processes work end-to-end.

What Should We Do Until Then?

The old adage of "doing nothing gets us nowhere" also applies here. That is why XEPTUM recommends starting with SAP Cloud ALM. Even though some features are still under development (SAP promotes short development cycles of two weeks), many functions are already available today with a high degree of maturity and functional scope. Work with us to identify what added value you can already benefit from today.