Simply Chat to Your Data

SAP Joule – Operating S/4HANA via Chat

SAP's new generative AI assistant, SAP Joule, provides visual answers to chat queries based on your company's own data in SAP public cloud, but even without SAP public cloud, there is enormous potential here.

Breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence

Recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI) have caught the attention of many people, companies, and even SAP customers. Notably, they involve machine learning (ML), which has been used to train powerful generative AI language models to mimic natural language to a previously inconceivable standard of quality. These large language models (LLM) shot to prominence this year due to the best-known example of ChatGPT. The already enormous potential of ML to automate and understand processes has now been expanded to include completely new opportunities for interaction between humans and machines.

What Exactly Is SAP Joule?

In September 2023, SAP's generative AI bot, SAP Joule, was integrated into SAP Cloud's product portfolio. SAP Joule provides answers to users' chat queries based on data in SAP Public Cloud and connected third-party systems. Following the well-known approach of ChatGPT, SAP Joule uses natural language to facilitate communication and promises to fundamentally change the way companies do business. Users simply type a prompt into a chat window and SAP Joule responds with intelligent, personalized text and/or visualizations. It can even trigger actions within the SAP Cloud ecosystem.

Who Is the Target Group for SAP Joule? What Are the Prerequisites?

SAP Joule supports data analysis and process interventions in a wide range of areas within the cloud system, specifically finance, sales, purchasing, supply chain management and human resources. The end users in these departments can therefore handle many of their requests and tasks more efficiently and, by doing so, simplify and speed up their work.

Initially available for SAP SuccessFactors customers in conjunction with SAP Start, SAP has announced that SAP Joule will also be accessible within SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition in early 2024. SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Private Edition will most likely follow over the course of 2024, but possibly not for S/4HANA On-Premise as per SAP's current cloud-first strategy. However, instead of this being a major limitation, an opportunity also exists here. Thanks to ever-improving tools, companies now have a very realistic opportunity to develop their own AI solutions, even in the area of generative AI, with XEPTUM on hand to provide competent planning and implementation support.

XEPTUM – Helping All S/4HANA Customers to Benefit from Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, as part of the modern digital transformation of companies, is essentially about unlocking the potential of hidden gold reserves within a company's existing data by extracting, understanding and using the patterns concealed within this data. XEPTUM attaches great importance to gradual transformations.

Thanks to our many years of experience in business processes, XEPTUM can pragmatically identify those individual use cases that will achieve the greatest added value. Then, by utilizing our in-depth technological expertise, we can develop and execute the concept that has the greatest potential to ensure concrete implementation.
On the one hand, we take SAP's AI-based solutions into consideration. These provide a number of application-ready use cases, partly as embedded solutions directly on the S/4HANA system (also on-premise without an additional license!) but partly also as side-by-side solutions via the SAP Business Technology Platform. Learn more about the use of artificial intelligence in SAP environments here.

On the other hand, customized solutions outside of the SAP ecosystem are often of interest when it comes to customer-specific processes and use cases. Then, through the use of existing open source libraries, neural-network machine learning models or deep-learning machine learning models can be trained and integrated into your core processes with reasonable effort. Furthermore, the use of large language models (LLMs) such as GPT, LLaMA, and BERT provides chat-based human-to-computer interaction. In specific cases, features similar to those available in SAP Joule can be enabled without any SAP prerequisites.

Regardless of where you are on your AI transformation journey, we are happy to be your competent partner.