SAP Cash and Liquidity Management

SAP Cash and Liquidity Management: Maintaining an Overview!

This SAP Financial Supply Chain Management solution is the central platform for all payment flows associated with a company. Incoming payments, outgoing payments and payment advices form the basis for your cash position, liquidity forecast and short-term to medium-term liquidity planning.

Why Do You Need SAP Cash and Liquidity Management?

A company's solvency is ensured by the cash position, an overview of all bank accounts, and the payment flows of business partners. Do you manually compile your cash position at present? Do you have a transparent overview of all your bank accounts? Do you keep track of when your customers pay your receivables and when you need to pay your payables to your suppliers? To what extent have you already automated your manual financial closing activities?

How Does SAP Cash and Liquidity Management Optimize Your Day-to-Day Activities?

In an era of increasing digitalization and interconnectedness, your financial flows require more flexible planning. External risks need to be minimized and external requirements must be met. SAP Cash and Liquidity Management provides the necessary prerequisites for both.

Bank accounts are recorded and managed in one central location. Furthermore, a workflow and dual control principle for approval can be implemented here. Account statements are monitored centrally and the cash position can be generated automatically. Various tools and features for liquidity forecasting and planning (manual payment advices) are also available.

Cash pooling can be centralized, along with the approval and execution of bank transfers, while cash management and forecast data can be evaluated in liquidity management. Both the actual and planning data can be analyzed here.

All of this is possible in SAP Cash and Liquidity Management.

What Are the Benefits of SAP Cash and Liquidity Management?

This SAP Financial Supply Chain Management solution provides a platform for all bank master data, all payment flows, and the basis for a short-term to medium-term liquidity forecast.

Optimize your payment flows, ensure your solvency and achieve transparency with SAP FSCM! Let XEPTUM support you from requirements analysis all the way through to technical implementation and support.