XEPTUM IoT Showcase

XEPTUM IoT Showcase

XEPTUMs IoT Showcase – The Conntected Conference Room

  • The IoT Showcase is an internal Internet of Things (IoT) project being carried out at XEPTUM Consulting AG that aims to network the company’s own conference room intelligently using different sources of data.
  • The basic idea of the project is to highlight the benefits offered by connecting SAP Leonardo*, SAP Cloud Platform, and SAP S/4HANA. The XEPTUM IoT Showcase also combines practicality with pleasure by increasing the wellbeing of employees at the same time.
  • Among the different data sources used are sensors and applications that aggregate data using SAP Cloud Platform. The Microsoft Outlook calendar is also integrated as an additional source of data.
  • A UI5 application is used to display the collected data on a tablet at the entrance to the conference room.

Implementation of the IoT Showcase

Different hardware and software components are used to implement the XEPTUM IoT Showcase, including the following:

  • A temperature sensor and an air pressure and humidity sensor to measure the ambient conditions in the room.
  • An ultrasonic sensor that monitors the fullness of waste bins in the conference room and issues a warning when bins are overfilled.
  • The sensors are connected to an Arduino Yún board, which is
    programmed using a PC and can retrieve the sensor data and forward it to the cloud.
  • The hardware components are registered in SAP Cloud Platform and can send and receive messages.
  • A Web application, which is also developed on SAP Cloud Platform using
    SAP Web IDE, then displays the messages on the tablet and provides options
    for customizing the display.


XEPTUM IoT Showcase – Added Value You Can Feel


  • Knowing and being able to control the temperature and CO2 level in the room can have a positive impact on employee concentration.
    Overheated or oxygen-depleted rooms can significantly impair cognitive performance and cause fatigue.
  • Because the IoT can connect all kinds of “things” with each other, it facilitates
    intelligent control. On one hand, this allows a significantly increased level of comfort, while on the other, it ensures more efficient use of resources.

We are currently working on more IoT Showcases for various customers …