From Producers to Software Distributors

Manufacturing Industry embarking on New Course

Manufacturers of products of all kinds, such as hardware for example, need to make the transformation to service provider if they want to achieve lasting success.

Customers are increasingly demanding complete solutions, and companies of all sizes are offering more and more services alongside their products – this phenomenon is known as "servitization" . One example is sale and operation including maintenance and updates of corresponding software for the products produced.

Challenges in Software Sales

There a lot of challenges to be overcome when creating, licensing and, last but not least, selling software. Software is not a "normal" product but is subject to special conditions, for example regarding the right of withdrawal. There are complicated regulations governing the sale of software as well as the buying and selling of licenses. Dealing with errors and defects is also a difficult business as they cannot be handled according the standard provisions of the warranty laws. And when the time comes around to implement the new business model in SAP, there are further points to consider and open questions to be clarified.

Support during Implementation

Are you and your company also currently facing the challenge of selling software?

Servitization means companies have to go through a lot of changes: Processes, technologies, strategies and often the entire business model have to be adapted. If they are to become all-round solution providers, companies need to move away from their concentration on products and production and focus more on customer requirements and customer values.

The XEPTUM Group will be glad to assist you with creating a professional roadmap and implementing its technical aspects.