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Transparent and efficient!

SAP Dispute Management: The Solution for Managing Your Dispute Cases!

SAP Dispute Management automates the dispute process for incorrect invoices and credit notes as well as missing payments. You can also use this solution to optimize processing times and communication structures.

When Does It Make Sense to Implement SAP Dispute Management in Your Company?

Do you currently have a complex and time-consuming process for dispute cases in Financial Accounting? Are several departments and employees involved in the dispute process? Are all relevant documents for the dispute process available immediately or does it take a long time to gather such documents? Do you want to avoid miscommunications and misunderstandings that could damage your company's reputation? Do you want to prevent negative effects on your operating result?

What Functionalities Does SAP Dispute Management Offer?

SAP Dispute Management provides a standardized process for managing your dispute cases. The solution automates deadline monitoring, the escalation of disputes to appropriate staff, and the recording of activities associated with the dispute, thereby reducing the time and manual effort involved. SAP Dispute Management provides a central platform where all relevant information can be stored and made available to all relevant employees.


What Are the Benefits of SAP Dispute Management?

SAP Dispute Management ensures the company's liquidity by providing transparency on invoices due. Moreover, the solution makes it possible to detect potential dispute cases and conflicts early on. Conflicts can also be resolved fairly and efficiently on the basis of standardized guidelines and processes for dispute cases, which, in turn, can reduce your costs and downtime.

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