The Full Potential of SAP

XEPTUM Strategy Consulting: S/4HANA at its Best

When implemented properly and used effectively, SAP S/4HANA is a key lever for process optimization and digital transformation. However, many companies lack the expertise to leverage the potential of the new ERP Business Suite. XEPTUM Strategy Consulting offers a holistic solution approach.  

High-speed processing of large data volumes, real-time analytics, flexibility and short innovation cycles: These are just some of the many benefits that enable companies to pave the way towards a digital future with SAP S/4HANA Digital Core. However, as indicated by a high-profile study conducted by CIO, CSO and Computerwoche together with other partners, a certain degree of uncertainty is associated with an S/4HANA implementation or optimization project. According to this study, numerous companies cannot undergo transformation and optimization within the S/4HANA environment due to their own lack of specialist and IT knowledge as well as a scarcity of resources.

What Does XEPTUM Strategy Consulting Offer?   

This is where XEPTUM strategy consulting comes into play. Benefit from our many years of SAP project experience and our holistic view of all relevant areas, which we have bundled into the XEPTUM Layer Model. This enables us to develop an implementation or optimization strategy for the efficient implementation of digital processes in S/4HANA. We assist you in selecting an operating model that is tailored to your individual customer situation and corporate strategy. We also examine the possibility of digitizing and automating your processes through the use of new cloud services or known cloud extensions from the SAP extension platform.

What Is the XEPTUM Layer Model?

The XEPTUM Layer Model describes the relevant layers of XEPTUM strategy consulting together with the focus topics that need consideration.

It comprises:

  • standardized methods and tools
  • layers conceptually defined according to the bottom-up method
  • customized selection of focus topics
  • layer-specific project approaches


What Is the XEPTUM Customer Journey Map?

The XEPTUM Customer Journey Map is a roadmap to S/4HANA optimized on the basis of numerous SAP project experiences. It supports customers on their journey towards S/4HANA and ensures that projects run in an efficient manner.

The XEPTUM Customer Journey Map comprises three sections:

  • X’Check S/4HANA

We work with you to develop a strategy paper that combines your individual corporate strategy with SAP concepts and strategies. This strategy paper forms the basis for planning and implementing the preliminary projects required in all consulting layers.

  • X’Accelerate

The X'Accelerate method shortens the Scan and Focus phase within the Fast Track method to S/4HANA in order to obtain an answer to the following key question as quickly as possible: conversion, selective data migration or greenfield? Standard SAP tools and the XEPTUM Accelerator are used for this purpose.

  • Implementation Customer Roadmap

The individual phases of the customer journey are finalized with the support of our experienced XEPTUM consulting team. The desired optimization potential is scalable and must be defined in the strategy paper on a project-specific basis. Implementation of the "XEPTUM Customer Journey Map: Optimization S/4HANA" can commence immediately after a successful go-live. 

Who Is the "XEPTUM Customer Journey Map: Optimization S/4HANA" Intended For? 

The "XEPTUM Customer Journey Map: Optimization S/4HANA" is intended for customers who have already switched to SAP's new real-time ERP Business Suite. This map supports them in optimizing their processes, organization and platform. 

Based on the Scan-Focus-Act method, this journey map is also divided into three sections:

  • Business Value Assessments

The Business Value Assessments are conducted by experienced XEPTUM consultants together with the customer's own managers. Proven tools and methods are used to produce defined, evaluated use cases.

  • Corporate Value Pools

The use cases defined in the assessments are summarized in value pools (taking dependencies and prerequisites into consideration) and condensed into a final optimization roadmap. Multiple value pools can reasonably justify an iterative approach. 

  • Implementation Optimization Roadmap

These optimization projects are also supported by experienced XEPTUM consultants.

Would You Like to Use XEPTUM Strategy Consulting?

Do you want to implement SAP S/4HANA completely from scratch or optimize existing features? Contact us today! We would be happy to present the XEPTUM concept for made-to-measure S/4HANA strategy consulting to you and develop a customized solution that satisfies your requirements – from selecting the operating model through to digitizing your business processes, based on the XEPTUM layer model.