Test Automation with SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud

Test Automation Tool in SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud: The User-Friendly and Intuitive Tool for Automating your Test Processes

Structured test management is undeniably a key factor in ensuring successful projects and improving quality assurance. The test automation tool in SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud helps SAP user companies achieve simple and efficient automation of their test processes. It also enables them to optimize their test strategy, reduce complexity, streamline testing and ultimately save time.

What Advantages Does Test Automation Deliver Specifically for SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud Compared to Manual Tests?

Testing activities are extremely labor-intensive and, depending on the size of the project, may require complex test processes and a large number of testers. Responsibility is generally shared between IT and the departments they serve. The test processes can be started either manually or automatically. The more extensive the tests, the lower the risk of error messages in the productive system, thus preventing unnecessary downtime. Setting up test scenarios that take various aspects of business processes into account is a critical part of the process. All these tasks are at the heart of every test cycle and represent a time-consuming and complex challenge, especially for everyone in the test team.

Nowadays, numerous tools are available that offer considerable advantages, particularly in terms of test automation, increased efficiency and reduced complexity. Automated test management enables companies to speed up their test processes, quickly define and adapt test cases, and identify bug fixes at an early stage.

SAP customers who use an SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud system can benefit from the advantages of the test automation tool. This test automation tool provides functions for the automation, creation, management and error analysis of complete test processes. The test automation tool is very easy and intuitive to use thanks to its "no-code" cloud-based solution.

What Types of Tests Can Be Automated in the SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud?

The test automation tool supports two types of tests:

1. Customer tests:
Customer tests provide a means of setting up test procedures for agile standard processes. They can be used as user acceptance tests or regression tests. These tests are not only important in larger projects such as migration or transformation projects but can also be used for configuration changes, software updates, rollouts or the introduction of new business processes. In almost every area of business, tests are needed when changes are made. The automation tool provides standardized test scripts based on SAP best practices scenarios. SAP users have access to over 400 standardized test scripts covering various processes in all areas of business.

2. Post-upgrade tests (PUT):
Post-upgrade tests trigger automated tests immediately after an SAP S/4HANA release upgrade. The aim of these tests is to check the functions of software in the course of a release change.

How Are Test Scripts Developed and Maintained for the SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud?

SAP users have the option of using standardized test scenarios and customizing or expanding test processes to suit their individual needs. There is also a function for recording test processes. Actions are detected on the basis of mouse movements and combined in one test step. This allows them to intuitively map scalable processes.

Using correct master data in the test scripts can significantly increase the efficiency and quality of test results. Incorrect or invalid master data is often the cause of faulty test processes. Master data can be defined using the "Test Data Container" app and linked to test schedules. Test data variants with user-defined data can be assigned per transaction or company code.

The "Analyze results of automated test" app makes a straightforward job of analyzing test results. An interactive dashboard displays a summary of details, status and error causes. Users can download the error message log with screenshots.

The SAP automation tool provides recommendations with corrective actions based on the cause of error, giving the end user a better understanding of the error messages. This information allows users to quickly adapt test steps and execute them out again.

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