SAP S/4HANA Settlement Management

Financial Settlement in SAP S/4HANA Settlement Management

Flexible and transparent: SAP S/4HANA Settlement Management! This SAP module supports you in efficiently mapping all of your company's financial settlement processes.

In the standard SAP system, SAP S/4HANA Settlement Management provides the basis for the settlement of a wide range of financial processes. In addition to the logic for pooled payments and central billing, processes such as factoring and credit card settlements can also be mapped in SAP Settlement Management.

All of these processes are characterized by:

  • powerful processing of large document volumes,
  • correct calculation of commissions and del credere fees,
  • reliable processing of settlement runs and
  • consistent payment processing.


Explanation of a Financial Settlement Process Using the Example of a Pooled Payment: What is a Pooled Payment?

In the case of a pooled payment, payables from different customers (consolidated, for example, into an association or via a company structure) are paid and posted centrally. Suppliers benefit by receiving a single payment amount from one central location for several different receivables. Fees (commission) payable by the supplier are often due for this pooled payment.



What Are the Benefits of Mapping in SAP Settlement Management?

In the standard SAP system, SAP S/4HANA Settlement Management provides a flexible interface for document creation as well as different types of potential settlement logic for a financial settlement process such as a pooled payment. In addition to predefined settlement cycles, fees such as del credere or commission can also be mapped using various different pricing logic. The well-known SAP functions – document flow, reversal and change history – ensure traceability and auditing acceptability. Invoice lists, commission settlements, payment advices/requests and document evaluations can be generated automatically and output in paper form or as an e-mail. It is also possible to establish a connection to an archive.

When Do You Need SAP S/4HANA Settlement Management?

With this component, SAP offers you a flexible and transparent solution for optimizing your payment flows in financial settlement processes. It ensures the integration of all financial settlement processes into the accounting system as well as efficient settlement processes despite individual process requirements.

The use of SAP S/4HANA Settlement Management to map your financial settlement processes requires a detailed analysis of your requirements in order to make the best use of this extremely flexible component. Its implementation includes system-technical settings as well as organizational planning.

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