SAP S/4HANA Bank Communication Management

All Payments Under Control with SAP S/4HANA Bank Communication Management!

With SAP S/4HANA Bank Communication Management, you can optimize your entire payment process through extensive automation and the efficient use of workflows. A Bank Statement Monitor and a Payment Monitor ensure maximum transparency for all transactions.

How Do You Process Your Payments at Present?

Do your current payment processes entail a large number of manual activities? Do you always have all dependencies in view? Are you able to provide information about the current status of your payment processes at all times? Do you know when to take action within the payment process? Does your heterogeneous system landscape make central monitoring difficult for you?

What Does SAP S/4HANA Bank Communication Management Offer?

SAP S/4HANA Bank Communication Management supports digitalization in Finance. Payment processes can be largely automated while workflows can be implemented to optimize communication, thereby enabling payment activities to be processed effectively.
Payments can be grouped using predefined rules. Furthermore, payment batches can be set up and release workflows implemented so that the relevant releaser can be informed directly. This Financial Supply Chain Management solution from SAP provides you with two central platforms, namely a Bank Statement Monitor to monitor bank statements and a Payment Monitor to monitor all payments with release and approval status.

What Are the Benefits of SAP S/4HANA Bank Communication Management?

Reduce your manual activities, automate your payment transactions, optimize your release process and benefit from the transparency of two new central platforms, namely the Bank Statement Monitor and the Payment Monitor.

Optimize your payment transactions, have more control features with the Payment Monitor, and create transparency with SAP FSCM! Let XEPTUM support you from requirements analysis all the way through to technical implementation and support.