SAP Readiness Check – An Overview

SAP Readiness Check – An Overview

What Is SAP Readiness Check and What Is It Used For?

SAP Readiness Check is a cloud-based tool from SAP. It serves as an introduction to various projects and tasks associated with transforming an SAP ERP system into an S/4HANA system, upgrading an S/4HANA system, and converting an existing BW system to a BW/4HANA system.

What Does SAP Readiness Check Focus On?

SAP Readiness Check originally focused on the first scenario listed below. However, it now focuses on several scenarios as follows:

  • S/4HANA conversion – Checking an existing SAP ERP system for conversion to an S/4HANA system. Several checks are performed here, such as simplification items, recommended SAP Fiori apps, custom code analysis, installed add-ons, and so on.
  • S/4HANA upgrade – Checking an existing S/4HANA system for an upgrade. Simplification items are checked here.
  • BW/4HANA conversion – Checking an existing BW system for conversion to a BW/4HANA system. The preparation steps necessary for the conversion are shown. A check is also performed to determine compatibility with the new system.
  • ERP usage and data profiling – Here, the focus is on creating an overview of usage within the existing ERP system from a technical perspective. Its configuration, usage, and data volume are analyzed and displayed.
  • Customer Experience solutions – Here, the focus is on checking an existing CRM system for conversion to the latest SAP CRM solution.
  • SuccessFactors solutions – This check focuses on the HCM system, which, like the CRM system, is checked for deviations from the standard system as well as general suitability for conversion to SuccessFactors.

How Does SAP Readiness Check Work?

From a technical point of view, SAP Readiness Check requires a number of preparation steps in order to provide functionality at the current level in the existing SAP system. In addition to implementing any necessary SAP Notes, this also involves setting up an ABAP Test Cockpit for a fully comprehensive analysis of custom developments. Bear in mind that it makes sense to implement the latest version of the relevant SAP Notes as a pre-check in order to collect all of the data necessary to ensure an up-to-date readiness check. If the relevant SAP Notes are not updated because older versions have already been implemented, certain areas of SAP Readiness Check may remain empty. Consequently, the data cannot be analyzed.

Once the preparations are complete, you can use the report "RC_COLLECT_ANALYSIS_DATA" to conduct a data analysis by specifying the desired SAP S/4HANA release and the necessary or desired scopes. After processing, the analysis is provided in ZIP files, which must be uploaded to the SAP Fiori app for the readiness check. If the ABAP Test Cockpit is set up to check custom developments, this result can also be uploaded to the Fiori app. SAP then rechecks and analyzes this data, provides it as a graphical representation for the user, and also makes it available for further analysis.

How Are the Results of SAP Readiness Check Interpreted?

After the readiness check has been successfully uploaded, a data overview is generated to help the user conduct a data analysis. On the analysis home page, a graphical representation of this data is initially shown on a dashboard without going into too much technical detail. However, this dashboard is divided into different subsections, which facilitate a more in-depth analysis of the respective areas. The dashboard design reflects the chosen focus and displays only those areas that are actually considered necessary.

Our highly experienced experts are then on hand to help you to interpret and assess the results and are happy to help.