SAP In-House Cash: Optimized payment transactions in the group

Optimized Intercompany Payment Transactions with SAP In-House Cash

SAP In-House Cash is an integrated solution that helps companies to manage their payment flows more efficiently and more cost effectively. The solution offers a wide range of functions that enable companies to optimize their liquidity, automate payment processes and reduce costs.

Why Does Your Company Need SAP In-House Cash?

Do you have the challenge of managing subsidiary payments in different currencies from different countries? Do you lack an overview of these payments and the bank accounts concerned? Do you want to reduce the administrative time and costs associated with managing payment flows? Are you wondering how to optimize your liquidity?

What Does SAP In-House Cash Offer?

SAP In-House Cash provides you with a central platform – the "In-House Cash Center" – for processing and managing all intercompany payments. It enables you to consolidate payments in different currencies from different bank accounts and obtain a transparent overview of all payments, which you can subsequently monitor and control. It also allows you to concentrate your liquidity into one central bank account. Centralizing payments into fewer bank accounts can also save on bank fees and transaction charges. The solution also offers functions for managing banking relationships and bank guarantees. Lastly, SAP In-House Cash provides you with a transparent overview of all your liabilities.



How is SAP In-House Cash Integrated into Your Financial Accounting System?

SAP In-House Cash is directly connected to the Financial Accounting system of your head office and subsidiaries. Payment runs executed in SAP Financial Accounting are therefore transferred directly to SAP In-House Cash. Account statement data imported into the SAP system is also transferred to SAP In-House Cash. Since each subsidiary holds a current account with the head office, the subsidiaries also receive their account statements from head office.

What Are the Benefits of SAP In-House Cash?

With SAP In-House Cash, you can manage your payments more efficiently and automate payment processes. You can also manage your liquidity via a centralized platform. By centralizing payments, you can reduce your bank fees and transaction charges. SAP In-House Cash can also help you to improve your compliance by adhering to all internal rules and regulations.

Optimize your intercompany payment transactions to benefit from fully transparent payment flows and cost-efficient handling!

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