SAP Data Warehouse Cloud – the Strategic Alternative

Take Advantage of a Fully Cloud-based Data Warehouse!

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud provides comprehensive data and analytics capabilities that allow you to connect, transform, model, and visualize your data to gain real-time insights, with none of the IT infrastructure costs associated with an on-premise solution. 

Many companies are faced with the challenge of lowering IT costs while still driving digitalization. An SaaS product (software as a service) could be the first step towards solving this problem. In contrast to an on-premise data warehouse, an SaaS product is a much more cost-effective system that runs entirely from the cloud and does not incur high hardware, maintenance and support costs. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is SAP's solution to this problem whereby SAP provides the entire IT infrastructure and the customer purchases the software as a service.

Benefits of Using SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud provides consolidated data and analytics in a cloud solution that includes data integration, database, and data warehouse capabilities, allowing you to connect, transform, model, and visualize your data to gain real-time insights. This SaaS product is based on the SAP HANA Cloud database and enables you to better understand your business data and make reliable decisions based on real-time information.

What Makes SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Unique?

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud bridges the gap between enterprise IT and business users. It also allows you to take full advantage of your company's greatest asset and data in one simple, integrated solution.
Connect data with business context, unlock data insights with integrity, accelerate business outcomes without complexity, and give your users access to non-SAP data in just a few clicks.

Don't wait any longer and take advantage of the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud - we would be happy to help you!