SAP Collections Management - Optimized & Transparent

SAP Collections Management: All Receivables Under Control!

SAP Collections Management is part of SAP Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM) – a centralized tool for managing and monitoring outstanding payments. With SAP Collections Management, you can automate and optimize your entire receivables management!

What Challenges Do Companies Face When Managing Receivables?

In many companies today, receivables monitoring and receivables collection are characterized by a lack of transparency and numerous manual steps. Owing to this lack of transparency, key employees are often missing information about the scope and current status of receivables. Having a large number of customers and persons responsible further complicates the monitoring process. Receivables collection is absolutely necessary to safeguard liquidity and ensure cash flow.

What Does SAP Collections Management Offer?

SAP Collections Management provides a centralized, transparent platform for monitoring and managing customer accounts with outstanding payments. In addition to receivables management, collection processes can also be mapped on this platform. Having a holistic monitoring system gives you greater transparency within receivables management. SAP Collections Management facilitates the centralized management of customer information, payment behavior, credit limits and an open invoice history. Moreover, payment reminders and dunning letters can be generated automatically. The management of payment plans and collection costs is mapped within the collections process, while collection strategies and collection groups pave the way for faster payment of outstanding receivables.

Is There Reporting Within SAP Collections Management?

SAP Collections Management provides powerful reporting and analysis functions that enable companies to monitor and optimize their receivables and collections processes. Companies can create reports and dashboards to track and analyze their receivables and collections processes.

Can External Data Sources Be Integrated into SAP Collections Management?

External data sources such as credit bureaus and collection agencies can be integrated into SAP Collections Management, thereby making it easier to quickly access information and perform risk assessments.

What Are the Benefits of SAP Collections Management?

With SAP Collections Management, you can optimize your entire receivables management and achieve a better structure while eliminating your current additional manual work. You can also use a centralized platform to manage customer accounts and avoid late payments. Take your receivables management to a new level!

Optimize your collections management! Efficient and transparent processes for your receivables management with SAP FSCM!

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