SAP Build Apps

App Development Without Code

SAP Build is part of SAP's low-code portfolio and supports the rapid development and enhancement of enterprise applications. Since programming, implementation, and execution are purely visual, employees can participate regardless of their role or skill level. With XEPTUM, you can leverage the full potential of this tried-and-tested low-code solution.  

SAP Build evolved from AppGyver, a pioneer of no-code/low-code development platforms, which was acquired by SAP in 2021. Its core element is SAP Build Apps, a cloud-based tool specifically used to design user-friendly applications. This is essentially based on drag & drop and can be done without any programming knowledge whatsoever. Data models and business logic can be created on a completely visual basis. Cloud services can therefore be implemented without code and more employees can be involved in application development.

How Does SAP Build Support Prototyping?

SAP Build makes it possible to create interactive prototypes of SAP applications and user interfaces, thereby allowing developers and designers to quickly visualize, test, and validate ideas before moving on to the actual programming. 

What Are the Benefits of Integrating SAP Build with SAP Cloud Platform?

To optimize both the development and implementation process for SAP applications, SAP Build can seamlessly connect with other SAP tools such as SAP Web IDE and SAP Cloud Platform. Benefit from our XEPTUM consultants' extensive knowledge of SAP integration. For example, integration with SAP Cloud Platform delivers the following key benefits:  

  • Seamless transition from prototype to application: Users can quickly and easily develop interactive prototypes of applications and user interfaces, and seamlessly bring them into actual application development, thereby facilitating a smooth transition from the design and test phase to actual implementation.
  • Efficient development and collaboration: SAP Cloud Platform provides a collaborative development environment where several team members can work on an application simultaneously. Integration with SAP Build encourages collaboration since prototypes can serve as a starting point for development. Team members can share ideas and feedback, resulting in more efficient development and a better final product.
  • Advanced features: SAP Cloud Platform offers a wide range of services and features that can be integrated into the applications. With SAP Build, developers can leverage the advanced features of SAP Cloud Platform to improve their applications and add powerful features. 
  • Scalability and flexibility: SAP Cloud Platform provides a flexible infrastructure that enables companies to scale their applications as needed. Integration with SAP Cloud Platform ensures that the applications developed can be easily adapted to the growing needs of a company.
  • Optimizing the user experience: Prototypes can be tested and optimized from both a usability and aesthetics perspective before applications go live.

What Does the Use of SAP Build Apps Require?

SAP Build Apps requires the use of SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) with SAP Build Apps Services (subject to an additional fee).

Would You Like to Learn More About SAP Build Apps?

Would you like to use SAP Build Apps to develop applications more quickly, improve the user experience and, by doing so, create more efficient, valuable solutions for your customers and employees? Contact us today! Together with you, we will explore the optimization opportunities associated with this low-code solution and support you in its smooth implementation.