Modern UI Technology

SAP Screen Personas:
User Experiences on Demand

 In recent years, a lot has been done to improve the SAP user experience and UI technologies. In addition to SAP Fiori, SAP Screen Personas offers the possibility to simplify SAP user interfaces and make them more user-friendly, while XEPTUM's best practices ensure their successful implementation.

What Are the Benefits of SAP Screen Personas?

Companies can use SAP Screen Personas to customize SAP GUI and SAP WebGUI to their individual user requirements, thereby reducing the unnecessary complexity of many SAP applications. As reflected in the experiences of numerous XEPTUM customers, this has a positive effect on user productivity. 

The key benefits of SAP Screen Personas are as follows:    

  • Redundant or unnecessary fields on the SAP user interface can be removed and relevant information can be highlighted. For example, transactions such as ME53N (Display Purchase Requisitions) have over 15 different tabs and more than 100 input and output fields with over 25 columns to enable these standard transactions to be applicable to any user in different industries. Usually, however, individual companies require very little information. By customizing the SAP user interface, users can focus on the information important to their work and complete their tasks more efficiently.
  • Users can create custom scripts and actions to automate complex processes and simplify frequently used tasks, thereby saving time while increasing user efficiency.

What Features Are Available with SAP Screen Personas?

SAP Screen Personas provides a range of features for customizing SAP user interfaces. For example, users can change the layout and move, hide or rename fields to meet the needs of their specific workflows. Colors, fonts, and icons can also be tailored to each user's individual preferences.

Another helpful feature of SAP Screen Personas is the ability to create personalized views tailored to different roles or tasks. Users can quickly switch between these views to provide contextual information and increase productivity.

Can SAP Screen Personas Be Used on Mobile Devices?

SAP Screen Personas can also be used on mobile devices. The solution is responsive and can be used on various devices such as smartphones, tablets or handhelds in the warehouse. Users can access the applications from anywhere and get their work done efficiently while on the move. 

How Is SAP Screen Personas Implemented?

Step 1: Technical Prerequisites

As of NetWeaver 7.4, SAP Screen Personas can be used on Microsoft Silverlight to customize SAP GUI and SAP WebGUI. Since SAP S/4HANA, SAP Screen Personas can also be used to easily customize SAP Fiori apps.

The solution does not require any additional licenses and can be used with minimal installation and maintenance effort. Only the free add-on "SAP Screen Personas" is needed for optimum use. The detailed configuration guide is available on the SAP Help Portal under "Configuring SAP Screen Personas 3.0".

Step 2: Authorizations

The following preconfigured roles are provided for SAP Screen Personas and must be assigned to the user:

  • /PERSONAS/ADMIN_ROLE for comprehensive authorizations for all SAP Screen Personas features
  • /PERSONAS/CONSUMER_ROLE for standard users with authorization to manage flavors
  • /PERSONAS/EDITOR_ROLE for business users with full editing authorizations

Step 3: Create Transaction/Application Variant

The first step is to call the transaction or application that you wish to edit. A flavor is a variant of an existing transaction or SAP Fiori app.

In the WebGUI, the mouse cursor must be moved all the way up to the blue bar so that the  icon appears. Click once to open the SAP Screen Personas menu and choose + to add a new flavor.

In the new flavor, drag & drop can be used to move or fully delete elements as well as add new elements.

Step 4: Set Flavor as Default

The last step is to select the flavor as the default. The original screen remains unchanged.

Would You Also Like to Benefit from SAP Screen Personas?

Companies that wish to implement SAP Screen Personas will be supported by XEPTUM through a series of best practices. The first important step is to identify the specific requirements and needs of users in order to create a customized user interface. Users are therefore directly involved in the customization process.  

XEPTUM will advise and accompany you during these preparatory phases and create a clear roadmap for implementation, including user training. Then, a test phase will be scheduled to identify and rectify potential problems early on. Contact us today if you wish to optimize your SAP user experience and benefit from our expertise and experience with innovative UI technologies!