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SAP Warehouse Operator App:
Warehouse Management on Your Smartphone 

The SAP Warehouse Operator app can make your warehouse operations run more efficiently and accurately without the need for any special warehouse management equipment. This mobile iOS app allows your employees to use their own smartphones to perform daily warehouse activities, and with XEPTUM you have an experienced implementation partner by your side.

The SAP Warehouse Operator app was developed in collaboration with SAP and Apple to help companies optimize their warehouse management. By using familiar mobile devices, companies can simplify onboarding, decrease the training needs of their warehouse employees, and increase efficiencies while at the same time lowering costs. Its range of features can also be flexibly expanded through iOS version updates, thereby making it possible to update devices on a company-wide basis and to do so in the shortest possible time without the need for costly replacements.

What Tasks Are Performed Using the SAP Warehouse Operator App?

The SAP Warehouse Operator app has an intuitive user interface and powerful features. A range of tasks can be completed – both mobile and in real time. These include:

  • Goods receipt: Entering goods receipt, updating stock, generating delivery notes, and assigning storage locations 
  • Picking: The app assists with order picking by providing a clear task list, help with finding warehouse items, and the option of using barcode and RFID scanners.
  • Stock management: Reviewing current stock levels, creating count lists, stock-taking, and correcting stock levels 
  • Stock transfers: Performing goods transfers and providing accurate storage location updates to ensure efficient goods placement

What Are the Benefits of the SAP Warehouse Operator App?

Companies benefit greatly from using the SAP Warehouse Operator app. For example, thanks to mobile data entry in real time, it is possible to accurately record stock movements, update stock levels, and make the flow of goods more efficient. Moreover, the use of barcode and RFID scanners reduces errors and improves accuracy in relation to picking and stock management. Companies are therefore able to increase productivity, shorten lead times, and improve customer satisfaction.

Since the SAP Warehouse Operator app is customizable, it can be easily adapted to your company's specific processes and requirements. This includes designing a user interface, task lists, and workflows as well as integration with other systems, all of which can be implemented and customized with XEPTUM by your side to provide reliable support.

Which SAP Modules Does the SAP Warehouse Operator App Support?

Since the SAP Warehouse Operator app is integrated into SAP S/4HANA, it can be seamlessly connected to SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM). Its resulting ability to exchange data in real time will enable your company to achieve comprehensive, consistent warehouse management.

However, the iOS app can only be used on the following systems and devices:

  • SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud or On-Premise
  • SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) with SAP Mobile Services (subject to an additional fee)
  • SAP Cloud Connector
  • Apple iPhone 11 with Apple iOS 14 or higher

Would You Like to Learn More About the SAP Warehouse Operator App?

We will gladly provide you with further detailed information. Contact us today. The team of experts at XEPTUM will use their comprehensive process and technology expertise to advise and support you on the efficient use of the SAP Warehouse Operator app. Use this powerful tool to optimize your warehouse operations and satisfy the requirements of the latest logistics processes.