Artificial Intelligence Solutions for SAP Cloud ALM

Machine Learning in an ALM Context

SAP Cloud ALM, the pioneering ALM tool, is becoming more and more popular within the dynamic world of business development. The emerging use of this innovative tool not only signals the need for bespoke solutions for Cloud ALM but also the growing importance of intelligent add-on solutions. We are making progress in this environment and consistently rely on the transformative power of machine learning.

Since the advent of ChatGPT, artificial intelligence has gained importance worldwide. At XEPTUM, we are playing an active role in this regard. We have been working intensively with AI for years and have already implemented innovative customer projects on this basis, for example, reading information from bank statements. We are primarily focused on using sophisticated algorithms and machine learning to develop efficient and accurate solutions. For us, AI is not just a trend but an integral part of our innovation strategy.

In October, the latest ALM tool, Cloud ALM, was presented at the SAP ALM Summit EMEA conference held in Mannheim. This cloud-based ALM Suite is intended to be a key component of a strong Business Transformation Suite that supports companies on their journey from strategy to final solution. The conference not only provided an insight into current innovations but also an outlook on future features and the role of Cloud ALM in the integrated tool and process chain.

The fact that there are more than 4,000 active Cloud ALM tenants shows how relevant this tool already is within the business landscape. This high number not only illustrates the current importance of Cloud ALM but also provides an outlook on its future key role within a company's IT strategy. Seamless integration into the SAP BTP infrastructure makes this aspect important from not only a strategic but also a technological perspective.

At XEPTUM, we don't just focus on current trends. Our sights are already set on the future. In addition to working intensively on Cloud ALM, we are also actively working on innovative AI solutions for this tool. Our aim is to combine Cloud ALM with artificial intelligence and offer our customers future-oriented, technologically advanced solutions. If you would like to learn more about the promising future of Cloud ALM, contact us today. We are ready to give you insights into the potential of this tool and work with you to achieve your own digital success.