Innovative Test Management

Artificial Intelligence (AI):
Benefit More from SAP Cloud ALM

Effective test management is known to accelerate company success and therefore also plays an important role in SAP Cloud ALM – a new solution for Application Lifecycle Management. XEPTUM goes one step further by offering add-on solutions with artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize the potential of SAP Cloud ALM for your testing activities.

AI is increasingly finding its way into our daily lives. Sometimes it is more noticeable, sometimes less, but we now interact with AI in our everyday lives or, at the very least, we are confronted with AI-generated suggestions. The use of intelligent technologies is also becoming increasingly widespread in our professional lives. Machine learning (ML), together with its analysis and calculation capabilities, has the potential to disruptively change business processes and workflows in companies as well as achieve enormous improvements. Not only will individual departments benefit but also IT departments and their processes.

Why Are Testing Activities Crucial for Companies?

This also applies to testing changes, irrespective of whether they are minor software changes or major release upgrades. Testing activities are crucial in order to minimize downtime and problems with production systems. Since these IT systems, especially ERP solutions such as SAP S/4HANA, represent a central critical infrastructure, any operational disruption generally comes at a high cost to a company.

However, test management poses a particular challenge for both the business itself and also IT. In order to prevent any downtime of production systems, the corresponding testing activities are often more extensive than actually necessary. Since these tests are usually conducted by department representatives, they are also an additional burden on top of the usual operational tasks.

What Are the Benefits of SAP Cloud ALM for Your Test Management?

For several years now, SAP customers have been able to use powerful tools to not only reduce this burden but also the costs associated with test management. One such example is SAP Solution Manager, which facilitates centralized application management of the SAP landscape. In recent times, SAP Cloud ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) has also become available for this purpose, and more and more customers are opting to use this tool to plan and conduct testing activities more efficiently and to allocate them to the relevant testers.

Even the standard version of the tools available today already provides initial options for reducing the effort associated with test management. Since, however, the testing area offers huge potential for optimization, the benefits of SAP tools can be maximized further through the use of supplementary AI technology. That is why we at XEPTUM are currently in the process of developing AI-based add-on solutions for test management with SAP Cloud ALM.

Thanks to our new intelligent XEPTUM solutions, SAP Cloud ALM users can achieve more efficient test coverage. They also receive technical support to conduct impact analyses of their planned changes. By knowing which business processes are actually affected by the changes, the testing activities can be controlled in a targeted manner and all necessary resources can be kept to a minimum.

How Do Resource Planning and Test Quality Benefit from AI?

Another major cost driver in test planning is the allocation of necessary resources. If not done properly, it can have serious consequences for the actual tests themselves. If scheduled testers are unavailable, the tests cannot be conducted, which leads to unnecessary wait times and delays. AI solutions offer great potential for optimization in this area.

Similar improvements are also being sought in relation to the quality of the test results. Depending on the auditor, it may be necessary for testers to document their testing activities to a very high standard. Therefore, they may need to invest a lot of time and effort into their testing. For example, some auditors require testers to take a large number of informative time-stamped screenshots in order to document the test results achieved and provide supporting evidence. Not only does this require a great deal of effort, but it can also be frustrating for the testers involved. With the AI-based solutions from XEPTUM, we intend to support testers with these increased requirements and efforts.

Would You Like to Learn More About the New Intelligent Tools from XEPTUM?

Are you already using SAP Cloud ALM, or intend to implement it, and want to maximize the benefits of this solution for your test management? Then get in touch with us! As your innovative digitalization partner, we work intensively with new technologies such as AI and ML as well as new solutions such as SAP Cloud ALM. Our pioneering add-on solutions combine both areas of expertise. We can help you to make your test planning and execution even more effective with SAP Cloud ALM and provide targeted support to your testers.