Full Transparency about your Vouchers!

Voucher Processing in SAP S/4HANA Settlement Management

S/4HANA Settlement Management offers complete transparency over outstanding vouchers, flexible settlement logic, and comprehensive integration into accounting.

What is SAP S/4HANA Settlement Management?

SAP S/4HANA Settlement Management has replaced the former Agency Business (LO-AB) and Compensation Management components used in SAP ERP. Settlement Management can be used for the integrated mapping of financial processes, such as commission and rebate settlements, in many different industries. In general, standard SAP functions can be used to easily implement customer-specific and special financial settlement processes in Settlement Management.

What Challenges Does Voucher Processing Present?

Vouchers are usually sold anonymously online or in stores and it may be months before the vouchers are redeemed. This fact makes it difficult to obtain a clear overview of the vouchers in circulation.

How Can SAP Settlement Management Help?

Settlement Management is able to provide a precise overview of the vouchers issued and their status at all times. You therefore have complete transparency over the vouchers that have already been redeemed as well as the fees settled at voucher level. For this processing, it is irrelevant whether the sales originate from a group of companies, such as a trade cooperative in particular, franchises, or a central purchasing department.

What Functions Does Voucher Processing Offer in SAP Settlement Management?




The following functions, among others, are mapped in SAP Settlement Management:

  • Voucher sale posting (optionally using one-time accounts for one-time customers)
  • Accrual posting in FI (optional)
  • Voucher redemption posting
  • Reversal of accrual in FI (optional)
  • Posting of company headquarter payables to the redeeming store
  • Calculation and posting of any deductible handling fees (generation of settlement document lists (‘remuneration lists’ in CCS))
  • Reliable voucher status information


What Are the Benefits of SAP Settlement Management?

  • Access to master data (creditors, debtors, articles) that are already available in the system.
  • Automated posting of receivables/payables using standard account determination
  • Controlling components are supplied with data in real time
  • Release scenarios can be stored
  • Automated output of voucher calculations and settlement, document evaluations as a printout or e-mail
  • Archive connection possible

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