Accelerate Clarification of GR/IR Account Differences in SAP S/4HANA!

Transparent App-Based GR/IR Account Monitoring!

SAP now offers a solution for analysis of the GR/IR account (goods receipt and invoice receipt account). The differences are graphically displayed on the app, giving you a clear overview of your GR/IR accounts at any point in time and allowing you to resolve differences.

Time-consuming analysis of variances within the GR/IR account in SAP is part of everyday accounting. Goods receipts often do not match up with the invoice receipts, leaving the accountant with the task of resolving the differences as part of the monthly closing activities. In most cases, the accountant does not have the relevant information, resulting in questions such as:

Which price is correct – the one shown on the invoice or the order? Was there a miscount on the goods receipt or did the supplier calculate the wrong quantity?

To resolve these differences, the purchase or goods receipt is usually required. This is time consuming and tends to involve a delay. What was missing before now was a GR/IR account overview; largely due to the daily increasing number of items on the GR/IR account. A large number of SAP transactions is also used for the analysis. Differences are cleared manually from the invoice document to the material document in consideration of the purchase order data. Access to functionalities in Excel or a communication flow via e-mail must also be assured.

SAP is finally offering an optimized, app-based solution for this with SAP S/4HANA 1809 (Reconcile GR/IR Accounts and Monitor GR/IR Account Reconciliation). Not only can the app be used to report on relevant KPIs in real time, it also enables monitoring of the complete GR/IR account reconciliation. Besides presenting the relevant information in a clear and straightforward manner, the app also features a minimalist interface design.

To support the clarification of differences, a chat functionality has been built in, which allows relevant data to be exchanged and any differences clarified via chat in SAP.

The SAP app also leverages AI. Intelligent learning functions have been built in to increase the level of automation in difference clarification, making the process more efficient and faster to integrate into daily activities.

You too can increase the efficiency of your workflows, optimize difference handling, make strategic decisions based on valid real-time information, and so derive the greatest possible benefit for your company from the new SAP S/4HANA features. Interested in discovering exactly how it works? We will be happy to advise and show you!