Cloud-Based ALM

SAP Cloud ALM: Building Block for Sustainable Application Management

In the world of SAP, there is a growing trend towards hybrid system landscapes, with more and more users preferring a mix of On-Premise and Cloud. No customer can afford to ignore SAP Cloud ALM – SAP's cloud-based solution for managing your entire application lifecycle. 

There is no question that every large SAP system landscape must be appropriately managed by an accompanying Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution. This involves, among other things, process, test and change management as well as proactive monitoring of SAP applications and business processes.

Up to now, customers were able to use SAP Solution Manager, SAP's long-established ALM product, as a fully comprehensive ALM platform. However, SAP Solution Manager dates back to a time when the cloud did not yet exist in the corporate world. SAP Cloud ALM has now become an additional solution that is suitable for SAP customers of all sizes. It was designed for hybrid landscapes with a focus on cloud-based operating models.

What Does SAP Cloud ALM Offer?

SAP Cloud ALM is a cloud solution based on SAP's Business Technology Platform (BTP). It provides comprehensive implementation and operational capabilities for cloud systems. SAP Cloud ALM is operated by SAP and is used not only by SAP customers but by SAP itself. Therefore, users do not have to concern themselves with the technical requirements or infrastructure. Unlike SAP Solution Manager, the functions in SAP Cloud ALM are highly standardized.

How Can Customers Benefit from SAP Cloud ALM?

Specifically, SAP Cloud ALM offers companies numerous benefits:

  • Optimized application development: SAP Cloud ALM enables customers to quickly and efficiently develop applications that support the management of requirements, projects, tests and releases.
  • Improved collaboration: Teams can collaborate on projects and track progress in real time.
  • High-quality applications: SAP Cloud ALM has a wide range of quality assurance features such as automated tests and the ability to check applications for errors before they go live.
  • Cost savings: By automating processes and improving the efficiency of application development, companies can reduce their costs. 
  • Flexibility: Since SAP Cloud ALM is available in the cloud, users can access and manage applications anywhere at any time.
  • Open for enhancements: Standard APIs can be used to seamlessly integrate SAP solutions and third-party tools into SAP Cloud ALM. Through its Business API Hub, SAP provides out-of-the-box APIs that are ready for immediate use.

Which ALM Solution is Suitable for Your Company?

A very good question, but one that cannot be answered with complete certainty. However, one thing is already clear: Sooner or later, SAP customers will not be able to ignore SAP Cloud ALM. Or as Tim Steuer, Vice President of Application Lifecycle Management at SAP, puts it in a nutshell: "The question is not whether you will use Cloud ALM as an ALM solution, but when."

What Are the Benefits of the Cloud ALM Roadmap by XEPTUM?

The best possible time to implement and use SAP Cloud ALM depends on many different factors, along with your company's fundamental cloud strategy. We would be happy to work with you to develop an individual Cloud ALM roadmap and to accompany you on your ALM journey – from the initial introduction of the solution right through to implementation, user training and customized SAP Cloud ALM enhancements.

Thanks in no small part to the close cooperation we enjoy with SAP, XEPTUM consultants are comprehensive experts in the use of SAP Cloud ALM. We are always up to date on the solution's current uses as well as its limitations. To ensure that we will remain up to date in the future, we maintain in-depth communication with SAP's product managers.

Our cooperative relationship with SAP was demonstrated yet again in a recent joint workshop at XEPTUM's new premises. Here, attendees gained deeper insights into the possibilities of SAP Cloud ALM. They also worked together in hands-on sessions to develop solution approaches that deploy SAP Cloud ALM as efficiently as possible with maximum benefit to each individual customer. We are very grateful to SAP for such constructive communication and look forward to putting our knowledge into practice together with you, our customers. 

Do You Wish to Tap into the Potential of Cloud ALM? 

What are you waiting for? Schedule a consultation with one of our experts today! We will then work with you to identify how you can immediately tap into the potential of SAP Cloud ALM. Together, we will also visualize the best individual roadmap for you. Thanks to our many years of project experience in ALM, alongside our close relationship with SAP, we can develop a sustainable Cloud ALM strategy for you.