Access to All On-Premise and Cloud Resources at Any Time

Rigid structures and an inflexible IT infrastructure with no platform for digitalizing processes. Sound familiar?
The XEPTUM Group has also faced these challenges. In response, over the past two years, XEPTUM has made significant investments in new IT infrastructure, technologies, and functions to provide all employees with full access to all resources from anywhere.

A hyper-converged virtualization cluster for S/4HANA test and production systems offers XEPTUM employees the opportunity to test the latest functions and scenarios for customers at any time. What’s more, a second virtual cluster based on a Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) is making it possible for employees to deploy their own virtual machines or different containers at any time for developing solutions.

The migration of core application functions, such as e-mail, Office and CRM, from Microsoft and SAP, to the cloud opened up countless digitalization and automation opportunities in Azure, including electronic invoice verification via the Power Platform, automated contract expiration notifications, workflows for an internal education system based on Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Power Apps, and digital receipt submission for expenses and vehicle costs. SAP Cloud for Customer integrates seamlessly with Outlook, also facilitating the recording of sales activities.

On-premise web applications, such as electronic vacation management, an internal learning management system (LMS) and more, can be accessed from anywhere over an Azure proxy gateway using two-factor authentication on Microsoft 365.

Through the use and intelligent integration of the latest technologies, SaaS cloud services and on-premise applications combine to create a virtual office. By digitalizing all the processes, XEPTUM has paved the way for a paperless office.

The most recent triumph by the internal XEPTUM IT department was the replacement of the old SSL VPN client in May 2021. With the implementation of always-on, a VPN connection with certificate-based authentication is now established automatically as soon as a device is started up.

Keep IT simple!

XEPTUM employees and their company-owned devices are now ‘always-hybrid-on’, meaning that they have 24/7 access to all on-premise and cloud resources, whether working from home, at customer sites, or any other locations with an Internet connection.

Best of all, they only need to sign in once because, on all systems, whether Windows, open source, SAP GUI, web apps, cloud, or other test environments, users authenticate themselves with single sign-on via the local Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) or the Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). Security remained a top priority during the configuration.

The entire XEPTUM team can now respond even faster and with even greater flexibility to customer needs, requirements, or ideas, and develop customized solutions accordingly.