Efficient Maintenance – even in the Cloud!

Application Lifecycle Management for Hybrid Landscapes

Hybrid landscapes do not necessarily make Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) more complicated. All that matters here is to set the right course from the very start to ensure that project landscapes seamlessly transition to regular maintenance.

While many projects primarily focus on effectiveness and efficiency to ensure their completion in time and in budget, subsequent support is often not taken into consideration or, if so, only to a limited extent. Thanks to these two product offerings, SAP Solution Manager 7.2 and the SAP Cloud ALM solution, SAP can provide project support from the very outset, thereby ensuring a smooth transition to maintenance. Consequently, any results or insights acquired in the project phase are not lost during the subsequent handover to maintenance. 

SAP Solution Manager or SAP Cloud ALM – Spoilt for Choice?

Since there are clear benefits to implementing a suitable ALM solution as early as possible, our customers are increasingly asking us which ALM tool is the best solution for them.
There is simply no one-size-fits-all answer to this question – every customer is unique and no two SAP landscapes are the same. Instead, it is necessary to consider the starting point and objectives in each individual case.

If you are faced with this decision and do not know which ALM solution will serve you best in the future, our consultants will gladly support and advise you. Then, based on our methodical analyses and many years of experience, we will work closely with you to identify and successfully implement the best solution for you.

Thanks to XEPTUM and SAP's ALM solutions, inefficient maintenance of your (hybrid) system landscape will soon be a thing of the past!