SAP Custom Code Lifecycle Management

CCLM offers a bundle of features and is available with a new 3D City Model in SAP Solution Manager 7.1 beginning with SP12. Thus, you can access many SAP standard “housekeeping” functions with little implementation effort. The basic idea is to provide a central repository for listing and evaluating all custom code objects in the various systems across the entire SAP landscape.

The SAP concept of supporting the entire life cycle of an object makes sense as it addresses in-house objects as they emerge. Re-programming existing functions can be avoided with the help of a central repository of all “z-objects”. This information and the implementation with other tools - such as ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC) - can be integrated. This enables not only a view of the quantity but also of the quality of in-house developments.

During the “live use” phase, analyzing a customer-specific object’s utilization and changes yields useful information concerning its importance and value.

You can find further information here:
Custom Code Lifecycle Management