Component-Based Test Automation (CBTA) for efficient test procedures

Whether existing SAP solutions are changed or new ones added, adjustments to the system increase the amount of testing necessary to ensure a stable system. 

When testing is carried out manually, the constantly growing number of tasks leads to high costs and ties up resources, when the process could be done faster and cheaper using automated tests. 

With Component Based Test Automation you can apply, edit, execute and maintain automated tests in a user-friendly manner based on your business processes.

If you are already using SAP® Solution Manager, the benefits are obvious because you already have a powerful tool, containing Component Based Test Automation (CBTA), and which does not require additional license fees. You just need to set it up based on your test cases. Then you can use the automated tests for every planned test cycle.

For this, our experienced and competent consultants are happy to support you.