Electronic Signatures

Electronic Signatures in SAP

Since the amendment of Sec.14 of the German sales/purchases tax law in 2011, invoices may be sent electronically without a signature. Only in a few cases is an electronic signature required. 

However, the trader must continue to ensure that the invoicing process is monitored. For instance, the authenticity of the origin of the invoice, that is the identity of the invoicer, must be ensured. If this needs to be guaranteed with great security, an electronic signature is recommended. 

With an electronic signature via SAP, the print program is modified in such a way that the document is converted into a PDF and transferred to a web service. The web service checks the document and other parameters. 

The data is exchanged via a VPN tunnel. After certification, the document is fed into the SAP system by a specially created function module and can be sent electronically as a signed document. 

At some companies, XEPTUM has already been allowed to introduce an electronic signature and a monitoring process. The latter monitors the signature process, uncovers unsuccessful attempts, and retriggers them if necessary.