Fast Close

Fast Close means the accelerated compilation, auditing and publication of closings by optimising the organisational closing measures. The main aim of Fast Close is to provide the management and stakeholders with business figures relevant for decision-making as efficiently and promptly as possible.

SAP tools for a Fast Close

SAP provides a choice of three tools to support a Fast Close:

  • Schedule Manager
  • Closing Cockpit
  • SAP Financial Closing Cockpit

The following questions should be answered before introducing one of the three possible SAP tools as part of planning a Fast Close project: 

  • Is the closing process optimised?
  • At what release status should the introduction take place?

Schedule Manager

With the Schedule Manager you can group, plan and undertake closing tasks that recur periodically. In addition, the central management facilitates the implementation of the closing activities and monitoring of the latter.

Closing Cockpit

The Closing Cockpit just like the Schedule Manager provides the option of displaying and implementing your period-end closing in a process-driven manner via structured screen functionality. However, the Closing Cockpit also makes it possible for you to arrange your closing processes according to the organisational units and in doing so insert the dependencies between the tasks to be carried out.

SAP Financial Closing Cockpit

The functionalities of the SAP Financial Closing Cockpit offer you the option of planning and implementing your closing activities as well as analysing them via a large number of units in your Group. This means that you will additionally have the opportunity of using the central notification system for the implementation of the period-end closing.

You can find further information here: 
SAP Closing Tools

Overall expertise

Before undertaking a Fast Close your system will on the one hand need technical settings and on the other hand organisational measures. XEPTUM offers you optimal and professional support for the introduction of a Fast Close process geared to your requirements. We would be delighted to demonstrate the range of functions of the Closing Cockpit on our demo system.