All Systems Go for Mission 42!

Providing Important Impulses

42 Heilbronn, the renowned school of programming, offers future IT professionals the perfect environment for the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and initial practical experience to ensure that they are fully prepared for the demands of the digital working world. To complement and enhance the school’s offering, the XEPTUM Group is offering special internships to students of the school as well as a XEPTUM scholarship.

Starting from January 2022, the XEPTUM Group will be offering internships to students of 42 Heilbronn to give them true-to-life, hands-on insights into the consulting business and the opportunity to deal with genuine, real-world project requirements.

“Our internship offering takes our partnership with 42 Heilbronn to the next level. We very much look forward to, as 42 Heilbronn so eloquently puts it, helping to ‘... launch the students’ career in the galaxy of bits and bytes!’,” says member of the XEPTUM Group management board Hans Tscherwitschke.