Kreative Köpfe

Top Performance – even under Corona Conditions

Under strict Corona conditions, the annual "Creative Minds" inventors' competition took place once again and was completed despite adverse conditions. One high school student in particular stood out with her imaginative idea and, with the help of technical support from XEPTUM, was able to take first place with a "mattress alarm clock".

Every day, people all over the world face the challenge of getting up directly after the wake-up call. The "snooze button" on the smartphone is often pressed in order to be able to sleep a few minutes longer. However, this approach quickly leads to a problem, since a few minutes usually turn into several hours and the first appointment is promptly "overslept". This global problem is now to be remedied by a "mattress alarm clock". With this ingenious idea, sleepers are awakened by the vibration of the mattress - making annoying wake-up calls from the smartphone a thing of the past.  

XEPTUM is one of the founding members of the annual inventor competition "Kreative Köpfe Neckarsulm e.V.", which started in the 2014/15 school year. The aim is to get students excited about technology and give them a platform for implementing their ideas. The aim is to awaken young people's spirit of discovery and invention in the fields of mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology, and to discover undiscovered talents and unused potential.