Enjoy Centralized Bank Transactions with Payment Factory and Minimal Company Codes!

Minimal Company Codes for Fully Centralized Worldwide Payment Flows!

Payment Factory and Minimal Company Codes create new opportunities to streamline your banking transactions with non-SAP systems.

Are you looking for a single solution to centralize decentralized payment flows in your organization? Does your company, like many others, struggle with a heterogeneous ERP landscape across your subsidiaries around the world? Do you face the challenge of achieving centralized control of payment flows and account statements?
If you can identify with these problems, then you have come to the right place!

We can also help you integrate non-SAP systems to ensure central end-to-end monitoring.

Payment Factory is a central tool for standardizing payment transactions, receiving payment files from subsidiaries and processing them via banks according to predefined rules.

The combination of SAP Advanced Payment Management with Minimal Company Codes delivers a modern SAP solution for mapping your payment transactions per company.
By linking SAP components such as SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity, enhanced Cash Management, and SAP Bank Communication Management, you can integrate multiple house banks into your organization, manage your cash pooling system, and define approval processes for banks.

With Minimum Company Codes, you can integrate your non-SAP companies into a single SAP payment factory to achieve the following in the long term:

  • Considerable cost savings
  • Maximum transparency and control over your payments
  • Replacement of disparate electronic banking systems with a single communication channel

We will be happy to help you centralize your payment flows with non-SAP systems!