Transparency at Goods Receipt

More Accurate Valuation of Incoming Goods

When (container) freight costs disappear in purchasing, the planned delivery costs often no longer match the actual costs when the goods receipt is posted.

Since order prices cannot be adjusted en masse in purchasing, prices would have to be updated in the individual purchase order items. This step is very time-consuming and is therefore usually omitted.
When this happens, the goods receipt is simply valuated using the values from the purchase order. Matters are further complicated by the fact that goods issues that have been created in the meantime are valued at a transfer price that is too low, since freight invoices can often only be posted after a considerable delay.

Provided that the relevant cost conditions have been adjusted, delivery costs can be recalculated at goods receipt to generate a more accurate valuation.

If you too would like greater transparency in the revaluation of freight costs, our experts will be happy to help you.