Opt for Smooth Data Integration within Your Reporting System for Enterprise-wide Analytics

Optimize Your Planning and Your Reporting!

If you are using Microsoft Office 365 or SAP Analytics Cloud in your reporting system or are planning to introduce one of these tools, it is worth considering a smooth integration of both. This is because the combination of tools can catapult your reporting to a new level and unlock new potential from your enterprise data, which you can then use to your advantage.

Since Microsoft Office 365 is one of the tools that drives enterprise digitization processes, it is already being used or is about to be rolled out in most enterprises. What’s more, the Office suite is widely used in enterprises across all industries. Microsoft Excel, in particular, is very popular with controllers and analysts and an indispensable part of their work. The all-in-one business intelligence, planning, and forecasting solution SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is also available. Not only does this provide a comprehensive interface to SAP systems for data integration, it is also compatible with Excel and CSV files. By offering a single point of truth, SAC protects your data from manipulation. The data model in the SAC forms the basis for further analyses, forecasts, and planning, offering the very latest analysis and planning features for efficient reporting. With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, power users are given more options to gain new insights and knowledge, which would previously only have been available to data scientists.

Both tools can now be optimally combined not only in data integration, but also in the analysis process. An add-in developed with the power user in mind combines the best analytics and planning features from SAP Analytics Cloud with the proven frontend and features of Excel. This achieves a much closer integration with your data and models to support your planning and reporting as required.

These two interfaces thus give your reporting system the best of both worlds.

Combine the best analytics and planning features of SAC with the proven frontend and features of Excel.

With this interface, you can now:

  • Analyze SAP Analytics Cloud models directly in Microsoft Excel
  • Expand your analysis with filters, totals, and native Excel formulas
  • Add planning data and sync it with the cloud
  • Update your spreadsheets as and when required with up-to-date data from SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Share your Excel workbooks with others