Rebate Settlement in SAP S/4HANA – Complete Flexibility in Rebate Basis

Rebate Basis in Condition Contract

The rebate basis specifies the revenue relevant to the rebate. It is mapped in SAP S/4HANA within the new SAP CDS Views technology. Access covers all master and flow data in SAP as well as data from third-party systems. Such data can be imported into the system in an easy-to-handle process, thereby putting a completely flexible data basis at the heart of the new rebate settlement process.

By replacing SAP ECC SD/MM rebate settlement and incorporating Condition Contract Management (CCM) into SAP S/4HANA Core, SAP has opted for CDS View to specify the rebate basis.

Any customized fields or information can be added to the Standard CDS Views provided by SAP. That means all master and flow data available in SAP can be used to specify the rebate basis. If required, external data can be added to this internal SAP data to ensure that all the customer's specific requirements are met. Complete tables can also be created for the rebate basis using external data. This provides complete flexibility in specifying the rebate basis.

The bonus basis in the condition contract is flexible and can be extended to suit the individual customer!

Thereby ensuring that at least the existing logic and associated rebate basis can be maintained and optimized for future use of the new rebate settlement process – Condition Contract Management (CCM) – when replacing existing SAP-ECC rebate processing as part of a SAP-S/4HANA rollout.

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