Rebate Settlement in SAP S/4HANA

The Condition Contract – the Central Document of the New SAP Rebate Settlement

The condition contract is the basis for the new SAP rebate settlement – the single point of truth for rebate recipients, rebate basis, rebate conditions, the complete settlement logic and all settlement documents relevant to the contract.

With the rollout of the new rebate settlement, SAP is replacing the existing basis of the old SAP SD and MM rebate agreements. The new central document and thus the single point of truth for all rebate agreements on SAP S/4HANA is the condition contract.

The condition contract defines the rebate basis, the rebate conditions and the settlement logic, including settlement calendar, for each rebate recipient. The rebate basis determines the documents for which the rebate should be calculated and which valuation basis should be used. The rebate conditions specify the rebate rate for the calculation. The settlement logic determines the time intervals in which (delta) accruals or settlements (credit or debit memos) are generated.

In each condition contract, all settlement documents that were created on the basis of the condition contract (accruals as well as partial and final settlement) are displayed via the corresponding document flow.

This means that all information and settlement documents for your rebate settlement are always available in one place in SAP – in the condition contract!

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