Rebate Processing in SAP CCM – Delta Accruals

Retroactive Rebate Settlement

Flexible retroactive calculation and posting of rebate accruals without the need to intervene in purchase or sales price calculations is easy nowadays.

For this purpose, SAP CCM (Condition Contract Management) offers individual options for posting accruals for the current rebate entitlement under a rebate agreement. Besides the familiar method of posting accruals from purchasing and sales documents, SAP CCM can also post rebate accruals based solely on the sales volume that qualifies for rebate. In the event of rebate adjustments, the rebate accruals can even be corrected. This means that you can see the correct accrual for a defined interval in SAP FI at any time – as well as the current margin for each document on which the rebate is based.

If you are interested in calculating and carrying out retroactive rebate settlement for a fiscal year that has already been closed, we will be happy to assist you.