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Digital Transformation and the SAP Cloud

Digital Transformation and the SAP Cloud 

Enabled through cheaper hardware costs and a quicker acceptance of new technologies, the Digital Transformation has an increasingly strong impact on our society in the recent years.

Digital Transformation

Predictive Prevention in HR Management

In the manufacturing sector, it takes a great deal of time and effort to reduce or completely avoid the risks associated with machine breakdowns and the potential resulting costs. This approach, known as ...

Predictive Prevention

Triggering a Business Process on SAP using the SAP IoT Service

Digital Transformation proceeding it is getting even more important for companies to intertwine their value chains and increase the efficiency of their processes. A huge potential is ...

Triggering a Business Process

XEPTUM IoT Showcase

The IoT Showcase is an internal Internet of Things (IoT) project being carried out at XEPTUM Consulting AG that aims to network the company’s own conference room intelligently using different sources of data.

The Connected Conference Room


Mapping the Customer Rebate in the Customer Hierarchy in SAP CCM

Mapping the Customer Rebate in the Customer Hierarchy in SAP CCM

Flexibility is a must for today’s customer rebates! SAP CCM includes optimized mapping for rebate agreements both for individual customers and for the entire customer hierarchy. In SAP ...

Bonus Settlement

The Right Fiori App for Every Process

When migrating to SAP S/4HANA, the question quickly arises as to which Fiori app will be used in the future to map existing transactions. Finding suitable Fiori apps and answering ...

Smart Way

Keep SAP S/4HANA Project Costs Under Control!

Many SAP S/4HANA projects exceed their planned budgets from a very early stage, especially when compared with the tasks to be implemented. However, project managers ...

Transparency in Project Costs

Automatic Credit Rating – A Rational Credit Rating Instead of Relying on Instincts

ECC Credit Management previously did not support the automatic calculation of a credit rating or credit limit for each business partner. In SAP S/4HANA, decision ...

Automatic Credit Rating




Rigid structures and an inflexible IT infrastructure with no platform for digitalizing processes. Sound familiar? The XEPTUM Group has also faced these challenges. In response, over the past two years, XEPTUM has made significant ...

Faster and More Flexible

Kreative Köpfe

Under strict Corona conditions, the annual "Creative Minds" inventors' competition took place once again and was completed despite adverse conditions. One high school student in particular stood out with her imaginative idea and, with ...

Smart Idea

Mediterranean Delicacies

Olives are known as the fruits of the south. Nothing else connects us more with the Mediterranean region than the delicious stone fruit! Whether in hot dishes, in salads or as a snack for in between - olives are no longer ...

Power Fruits

XEPTUM expands Portfolio

On 01.07.2020, XEPTUM Analytics GmbH, based in Neckarsulm, started as a further part of the XEPTUM Group. With the expansion of the consulting portfolio for digital services regarding planning, reporting and analyses, a ...

Another Milestone