Project Management

No other department in a company is characterised by project work to the same extent as IT. And at the same time, project philosophy is not a strong feature of many IT organisations.

A standard methodology for project processing such as Prince2 or PMBOK or a PM software is usually considered to be more than enough.

But project management or its underlying philosophy goes much deeper than this: It is essential that projects are not perceived as “disruptive elements” but rather as the "blood coursing through the veins” of IT.

This involves the attitude of everyone involved and is built primarily on a broad communication strategy that permeates the entire company. The people involved in IT projects are the deciding factors in their success. Nonetheless, the goal of IT must be to run projects based on a uniform standard, with precision and routines, involving motivated members of staff. Management's focus here should be on the people involved. The emphasis should be on optimal utilisation of their skills as part of a project team, rather than just optimal utilisation of worker hours.

The methodologies, tools and standards used are important, but are only effective if the people involved take them seriously and are willing to use them.