IT-Business Management

IT-Business Management (ITBM) enables all functions and processes of an IT organisation to be viewed in an integrated layout. The objective is to operate as a commercially viable company, in order to make a valuable contribution to the company’s success.

It is crucial that the processes and functions do not happen sequentially but rather in a synchronised and integrated manner, i.e. they should be intertwined and harmonised like cogs in a gearwheel (“value adding gears”).

The challenge here is that processes and functions occur on different levels – some of which overlap or are interlinked. The outcome of this is that transparency and interaction are critical for successful and coherent deployment of functions.

We structure ITBM in five topic areas: IT strategy, Process management, IT organisation, Technology and Systems. The corresponding management approaches are interlinked with these levels and topic areas so that some of them are presented separately.

Consistency and a holistic consideration of all functions are essential for the ITBM approach. By examining management functions in isolation, it is only possible to achieve a global optimum by accident and not in any purposeful manner.

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