XEPTUM has a broad consultancy portfolio at its disposal, extending from the SAP ERP environment to almost all logistics (SD, LO, PP, MM, WM, CS, PS) and finance modules (FI, CO). 

We also possess specific expertise in export trade and SAP GTS and SAP Agency Business (SAP LO-AB, also referred to as Financial Settlement) as well as in relation to SAP Solution Manager.

Our advisors have on average over 10 years experience in SAP and project business.

Their expertise in SAP ERP modules is complemented by extensive knowledge of module integration, multi-faceted interface experience and a thorough knowledge of business management practices.

Our consultancy portfolio continues to expand with every new project and we are continually adding to the depth and range of our experience. We keep a record of all these values in a skill set matrix. This means that as soon as we receive a query, we are in a position to quickly match requirements to specific experience or skills. A record is also kept of all module independent and general experience.


Our long-standing experience adds value that goes far beyond standard SAP consultation:

  • Design
    for real-world modeling of your processes.
  • Project planning and organization
    including project management, upon request. 
  • Quality assurance
    in case you want a second opinion or assessment for a project or design.
  • Moderation
    in the context of a joint project or for support in your meetings. 
  • Crisis Management
    to help you get projects back on the right track .
  • Coordination
    so that all the elements of your project work together seamlessly .