S/4HANA – Not a Question of Whether, But When!

With maintenance for the current SAP Business Suite 7 expected to expire in 2025, you should quickly start preparing yourself for a digital future with S/4HANA.

S/4HANA offers you the chance to develop new business scenarios and create innovative business models. To maximize the benefits, you need to plan the transition in detail and in good time. 

Establish clarity with regard to the pending changes and their impact on your company. Avoid mistakes from the outset. A careful analysis of your processes and requirements will pave the way for valid decisions as well as a smooth and efficient implementation. A detailed analysis of requirements, supplemented by evaluation criteria tailored to your company, offer the basis for well-informed management decisions.

Questions very quickly arise, such as:

  • Can or should I use S/4HANA?
  • If so, when is the right time for my company?
  • What is the best implementation strategy?
  • What costs can I expect? (licenses, hardware, consulting, etc.)
  • How can I make the best use of the innovations without starting long-running, tough projects?
  • Where will I potentially have to revise my entire IT strategy?


Our offer:

With our Value Check, we help you remove uncertainties and clarify unanswered questions about implementing S/4HANA. Establish planning reliability through well-founded information.