XEPTUM has deep roots in its home region. That means we take our responsibilities seriously in supporting local associations and events in both the cultural and athletic domains.

In addition to our long-term commitment to Neckarsulmer Sport-Union e.V., we sponsor specific culture and sporting events (such as “redblue meets Klassik”) and sports clubs like the Heilbronner Falken.

Neckarsulmer Sport-Union e. V.

Along with the benefits of a good sweat, sports teach us a great deal about respect, discipline, and fellowship. That's why XEPTUM is proud to be an exclusive partner to Neckarsulmer Sport-Union in fulfilling this key societal function. In advance of the 2016-17 Bundesliga season, we’ve also increased our support for the women's handball team by sponsoring their jerseys. The team's promotion to the first division was a great accomplishment – one we're particularly proud of as its regional sponsor. We now want to keep up our commitment to make sure the squad can contend with Germany's top-flight teams. The women’s handball team at Neckarsulmer Sport-Union is a great example of what you can achieve when you combine sustained, high-level planning and effort with ambition, the will to win, and a dedicated investment at the youth level.

„redblue meets Klassik“, featuring the Wuerttemberg Chamber Orchestra Heilbronn

XEPTUM is committed to the cultural life in the region of Heilbronn-Franconia. Even the support of top-class cultural events is part of our sponsoring mix. Among our other cultural sponsorships, XEPTUM has twice lent its support to the concert series “redblue meets Klassik”, which brings exciting guests together with the Wuerttemberg Chamber Orchestra of Heilbronn. The venue is the redblue event center in Heilbronn. Classical music is combined with the sporty and casual atmosphere of redblue.

Heilbronner Falken

After shifting back and forth between divisions for several years, the Heilbronner Falken have settled into the second division of Germany’s ice hockey league (DEL2). Maintaining this status is now the team's top priority, and we want to help the “Falcons” by making a financial contribution that will keep their fortunes on track. We’d like to wish the Heilbronner Falken the best of luck for the upcoming season and hope our support will ensure that pro ice hockey remains a staple in Heilbronn for many years to come.