We are aware of our social responsibilities.

As well as its entrepreneurial and financial goals, every company also has a responsibility towards society. XEPTUM is aware of this social responsibility and fulfils this as far as it is able.

Creative Minds

A competition for school-age children with a knack for invention

XEPTUM is one of the founding members behind the invention competition Kreative Köpfe Neckarsulm e.V., which has taken place every school year since 2014-15. Its aim is to get school-age children excited about technology and offer them a platform for turning their ideas into reality. The competition also seeks to stoke young people's curiosity in mathematics, IT, and the natural sciences while identifying latent talent and potential among its participants. 

With support from experts from schools, municipal authorities, and the business world, these kreative Köpfe (“creative minds”) get the chance to realize their business- and science-related inventions and develop functional models based on their own designs. Their creations are then presented to a jury, which awards the year’s most outstanding achievements.

In addition to bolstering values like growth and innovation, the competition's creative network of industries, skilled trades, schools, and communities is strengthening the ties between these creative young minds and the region and its companies. By investing its own knowledge, capital, and effort in the talents of local students, XEPTUM is helping to make southwest Germany even more attractive as a business location.

You can learn more about the association Kreative Köpfe Neckarsulm e.V. here: www.kreativekoepfe.info

Participation in the STIMME company run

Through our regular participation in the STIMME company run, we’re working to strengthen the sense of community both within our company and among the citizens of the Heilbronn-Franken region. This annual run happens to be the biggest sporting event of its kind throughout the region, having drawn a total of 7,000 entrants and over 10,000 spectators last year. 

The runners compete in teams of four, with their times being added up to a single aggregate. Each year, the XEPTUM squad braves all of the challenges along the way in completing this 5.8-kilometer race. Like all of the other participants and onlookers, we always look forward to the positive energy the event adds to every summer.

"Side by Side" job mentorships

Mentoring cooperation with Pestalozzischule Neckarsulm designed to pave the way to successful careers

Seite an Seite (“Side by Side”) is both the name and motto of a cooperative project involving XEPTUM Consulting AG and Pestalozzischule Neckarsulm. Conducted under the auspices of the local foundation Starke Familien (“Strong Families”), this project seeks to support disadvantaged young people in entering the world of work. 

The mentors themselves are XEPTUM employees and other volunteers who meet with their charges for 90 minutes every week to help them find answers to all kinds of questions. In particular, they focus on preparing students for the working world by passing on important personal and professional traits, including punctuality, attention to detail, and the ability to work with others. Mentors also work with their students on exploring the educational opportunities available in order to aid them in choosing a realistic career path.

For these reasons, the Seite an Seite project consists of various modules that cover the development of potential career profiles, creating application materials, how to hold presentations, and more, along with creative components like reading projects and a student newspaper. While the project is mainly educational in nature, group excursions to theater performances or the local ice cream shop make fun additions to any good mentorship.

“Not more classroom time!” may have been the initial reaction of the young people involved in Seite an Seite, but they now see it as an entertaining way to develop their personal skills. Students from Pestalozzischule Neckarsulm have already been meeting regularly with their mentors at XEPTUM's offices since February 2011.

Website of Pestalozzischule Neckarsulm: http://www.pestalozzischule-neckarsulm.de/index.php/unsere-schule/angebote/jobpatenprojekt

Introductory SAP course at computer science trade school in Heilbronn

A special block course is being offered to computer science students at Kolping-Bildungszentrum, a trade school in nearby Heilbronn. This initiative was spearheaded by the director of the school's computer science department and Peter Eisele, management board spokesman at XEPTUM Consulting AG. 

During the course, students learn about the job profile of a typical consultant and some basics regarding the SAP ERP system from a XEPTUM employee, who also provides insights into their opportunities going forward.

WiN - We in Neckarsulm

Neckarsulm’s own social network

Demonstrating once more that community involvement is a sure path to success, the Neckarsulm citizens’ initiative “Netzwerk Soziale Stadt – Bildung und Soziales” (“The Social City Network – Education and Social Affairs”) has created the new website www.soziale-stadt-neckarsulm.de

This online platform serves as a directory where users can find answers to their questions about Neckarsulm’s social infrastructure. For example, which associations and organizations are actively engaged in social issues? What events or advice do they offer, and where can citizens go to learn more?

The city's social platform was made possible by the support of companies in Neckarsulm and Heilbronn, which provided a variety of related online services. Serving as honorary chairman, XEPTUM management board spokesman Peter Eisele worked with Neckarsulm's municipal representatives, the local trade association, Caritas, and other volunteers in the project group WiN Wir in Neckarsulm (“We Are Neckarsulm”).