People first

We know that our quality comes from a superbly qualified and highly motivated staff. To sustain that, we offer jobs marked by a pleasant work atmosphere, flexible scheduling and the most modern resources suited to the task. In addition, we focus on intelligent personnel planning, attempting to maximize people’s creative results rather than merely their hours engaged. This means that our employees have the space they need to develop themselves and their skills.

To live up to our aspiration of both challenging and encouraging our employees, we invest continuously in helping them advance their skills. Our aim is to optimize each consultant’s personal and professional development to allow them to build a purposeful career.

Our award as a 2019 TOP employer among German SMEs proves that our employees recognize our interest in their well-being and career success. We also consider this award as an incentive to become even more attractive as an employer. 

Hans Tscherwitschke:

“We are aware that besides our economic objectives we have a social responsibility towards our employees. This means that we do not consider the people working in our company as a cost-benefit factor, but we promote a working atmosphere placing human beings in the middle. This includes ensuring that the working atmosphere within the team is right and that supervisors treat staff members as partners, affirming their value to the organization.”

We are seeking competent and flexible reinforcements to this team. Applicants should be prepared to assume responsibility and enjoy successfully contributing to the design of our customers’ commercial future.


Here you can find our current vacancies:

Speculative application
Digital Experts
Junior Consultant Sales & Distribution
Junior Consultant SAP Technology
Junior Consultant SAP Solution Manager
Junior Consultant Development SAP Technologies
Senior Consultant SAP Technology
Senior Consultant SAP Solution Manager
Senior Consultant Controlling
Senior Consultant Financial Settlement
Senior Consultant Finance
Senior Consultant Sales & Distribution
Senior Consultant Production Planning
Senior Consultant ABAP-Development
Senior Consultant Warehouse Management


Please send your application with all supporting documentation to:

XEPTUM Consulting AG
274172 Neckarsulm · GERMANY